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Digital Strategy, Software Development & IT Managed Services

The Importance of Networking and IT Managed Services

Network Management Services provides full support for the management and support of local area networks (LAN) and wide-area networks (WAN) services are provided either on-site or remotely. There is a wide range of network hardware and software products as network management tools to help network system administrators manage the enterprise network efficiently. Overall, network management…
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Executing Functions through Computer Software

A software is a program that enables a computer to execute a particular job, it  different from the corporal mechanism of the system. Software includes application software such as word processors (MS Word or Google Sheets), which allow the user to execute a particular task, and system software such as operating systems, which enables other…
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Our Thoughts on Information technology and Software development

Information technology and Software development Information technology (IT) is the exercise of any computer, storage, networking, and other bodily devices, shipping, and processes to generate, process, stock up, store and replace all types of electronic data. In general, it is used in the context of enterprise operations as opposed to personal or recreational technologies. The…
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IoT is Here

The Internet of Things The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the billions of physical diplomacy that are now linked to the Internet, collecting and distributing all the data. With the advent of ultra-cheap computer chips and the dominance of wireless networks, it is possible to turn things around, from something as small as…
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