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A software is a program that enables a computer to execute a particular job, it  different from the corporal mechanism of the system. Software includes application software such as word processors (MS Word or Google Sheets), which allow the user to execute a particular task, and system software such as operating systems, which enables other software to run correctly by interfacing with hardware and other software.

What does it do exactly?

It provides a reliable layer for hardware manufacturers. This standardization creates an efficient environment for programmers to create small programs, which can run millions of computers. Computer software is a programming code that is executed on a computer processor and is behind all the cool stuff we’re now able to do with technology. That code can be machine-level code or code written for the operating system. An operating system like Windows, Mac or Android is a software that is intended to provide a predictive and reliable layer for other programmers to develop other software, known as applications.

The software can also be thought of as an expression that contradicts hardware. The physical components of a computer are hardware. Digital software programs run on hardware. The software can also be modernized or replaced much easier than hardware. Besides, the software can be distributed to multiple hardware recipients. The software interacts with computer logic computer users.

Hardware and software need each other and have no value without the other. Most software has the most popular command on the toolbar for easy access. Just select the menu item to enter a particular command. Most software sold today has an automatic install setting that is activated at the push of a button.

Types of computer software

There are three types of computer software,

System software

A system is a set of software programs designed to operate, control, and enhance the operational capabilities of a computer itself. The system software is usually developed by computer manufacturers. These software products consist of programs written in low-level languages, which interact with the hardware at a very basic level.

System software acts as an interface between hardware and end-users. There are examples of system software are Operating System, Compilers, Interpreter, Assemblers; etc. Here is a list of some of the salient features of the system software,

Close to the system

Fast in speed

Difficult to manipulate

Generally written in a low-level language

Difficult to design

Difficult to understand

Less interactive

Smaller in size

The function of system software

There are three functions of system software.

Allocating system resources

System resources are time, memory, input, and output. In the CPU, time is divided into chunks of time. Time slices are measured in seconds. When slices are assigned based on task priority. Memory is also managed by the operating system. Disk space is part of the central memory. The flow of data is controlled by the operating system.

Monitoring system activities

System security and system performance are monitored by system software. System performance includes response time and CPU usage. System security is part of the operating system. Multiple users cannot access without a security code or password.

File and disk management

The user needs to save, copy, delete, move, and rename the files. The system software will handle these functions. Disk and file management is a technical task.

Application Software

Application software products are designed to meet the specific needs of a particular environment. All software applications developed in a computer lab can fall into the category of application software. Application software can have a single program, such as Microsoft’s Notepad, to write and edit plain text.

It can also include a set of programs, often called a software package, that works together to accomplish a task, such as a spreadsheet package. Application software is the following

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Payroll Software

Student Record Software

Microsoft Office Suite Software

Microsoft Word

Inventory Management Software

Income Tax Software

Railways Reservation Software

The function of Application Software

The function of application software is to perform specific tasks for different applications. These functions include writing reports, creating spreadsheets, manipulating images, keeping records, creating websites, and calculating expenses.

Depending on the specific application software used, the function of the software varies from manipulating text, images, numbers, and graphics to presentations and personal websites. Some application software packages focus on a specific task, such as word processing and presentation creation. There are also application packages that focus on a variety of tasks, such as database software and web design.

Features of application software

It is easy to manipulate and use

It is larger and requires a large storage gap

It is close to the user

It is easy to design and it is easy to understand

Generally, it is written in the high-level language

It is more interactive and it is slow

It is slow

Programming software

Programming software is software that helps a programmer develop other software. Compilers, collectors, fixers, interpreters, etc. are examples of programming software. Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) are a combination of all these software. Programming software is also called a programming tool or software development tool. Programming software is a subcategory of system software but according to some sources, it is described as a separate type of application and system software as well as software.

Functions of computer software

It is responsible for managing the activities and functions of computer hardware and application software. They contain instructions for operating the computer. These include operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and device drivers, servers, etc. They provide the basic platform to run other software. In short system software helps to integrate all hardware functions.

Importance of Computer Software

Software is the soul of the computer. Without it, the computer will never be useful and it is as easy to use as a dead body. All software is the most important software running on a computer. It manages computer memory and processes, as well as all its software and hardware. They allow you to communicate with a computer without having to learn how to speak a computer language.

It consists of an operating system, system and network management, and information management. The operating system controls the essential functions of a computer. It is a software program that enables the hardware to communicate and operate with computer software.

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