Networking And IT Managed Services

Digital Strategy, Software Development & IT Managed Services

Integrated IT processes for Accrued Peace of Mind

Constant Uptime   Hsk Digital’s IT Managed Services are in simultaneous and continuous contact with over 2300 devices. Should any of your businesses’ hardware under management reports an error, a service ticket is automatically generated and routed to the appropriate resources for review and resolution. We offer day to day monitoring and are always there to ensure that you have business continuity and guaranteed uptime.

Scheduled Maintenance  
We offer weekly scheduled maintenance for your businesses’ hardware whereby pre-tested security patches and updates from Microsoft, Adobe, Java, Firefox and Chrome are installed. Custom made maintenance routines are also ran to ensure that your servers and desktops will be running at optimal efficiency.

Remote Monitoring
Hsk Digital remote monitoring of network solutions actively monitors servers, desktops, laptops, and critical network devices to identify any issues or threats that may affect your business. We constantly perform pro-active system maintenance on all devices to ensure optimal performance and running time.

Security and PCI Compliance
Viruses, Malware, Phishing, internal and external security breaches, email hacks and data ransom are the most pervasive threats your business will encounter. We offer solutions to minimize these threats and provide you with peace of mind knowing you can focus on growing your business instead of attempting to recover your data.

On Site and Remote Support 
Ninety percent (90%) of tickets and issues can be handled remotely through our secure support platform. When you call our office or send us a priority ticket, a technician will answer the phone, not a cumbersome answering machine that will delay resolution of your issue. Usually we can solve the problem in the first call. Our support coverage ensures that your downtime is kept to minimum.

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